On mavment.com, you can purchase spare parts for your Porsche securely. 

Our customers can select the payment method they deem most convenient and trustworthy. If you're preparing to make a purchase on our platform, you have the following payment options: 
 Bank Transfer
 Cash on Delivery
 Virtual POS
 Amazon Pay
 Apple Pay
 Gift Card

1. Bank Transfer
To initiate the bank transfer, we'll send the required bank details to the email address you provided during registration. This will be done once our team has verified the order.
Orders selected with bank transfer as the payment method will be processed after the confirmation of the transferred amount. Typically, bank transfers reflect in the beneficiary's bank account within 24 to 48 hours from execution.
If, after five days from the date of order acceptance (with the reference date being the acceptance email), the bank transfer hasn't been credited or if we haven't received any communication, mavment.com will cancel the order.
2. Cash on Delivery
For those who prefer not to pay online or find cash on delivery more secure and convenient, mavment.com offers this payment method.
This service comes with a commission, set by the courier. It's €6.00 (VAT included) for orders less than or equal to €150.00 (VAT included). For orders over €150.00 (VAT included), the commission is 5% of the total order (shipping costs included).
The maximum amount allowed by law for cash on delivery is €2,000 (VAT included).

3. Virtual POS
Payments through the virtual POS on mavment.com are handled directly by Banca Sella via the GestPay platform. This payment method supports all major credit, prepaid, and rechargeable cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Hype, Satispay, and MyBank.
Customers using this method won't incur any additional charges.
When opting for the virtual POS to complete your order, the CVV2 code of your card will be required. For Visa and Mastercard users, the CVV2 code consists of the last three digits found on the card's back. If you're using Satispay, you'll need to log in. For those utilizing Banca Sella's instant transfer service, MyBank, your Banca Sella account credentials will be required.
However, be assured that mavment.com's staff won't have access to any of these details.

4. PayPal
When choosing PayPal as your payment method, you'll be prompted to log into your account on www.paypal.com to complete the transaction.
Rest assured, mavment.com staff won't have access to your PayPal credentials.
Upon successful payment, PayPal will send you a confirmation email.
The order will be shipped to the address specified during your order placement, not necessarily the one linked to your PayPal account. If PayPal flags any issues, mavment.com may hold the order for further verification. Should the order be canceled, the refund will be processed back to the originating PayPal account.

5. Amazon Pay
Amazon Pay allows you to seamlessly pay for your mavment.com order using the payment details saved in your Amazon account, with no extra charges. When you opt for this payment method, you'll be prompted to log into your Amazon account directly through our site.
Please note, while mavment.com won't access your payment details, we will receive necessary transaction information such as your full name, email, and shipping address. We encourage you to double-check the details on your Amazon account for accuracy before finalizing your payment.

6. Apple Pay
Apple Pay provides a seamless way to finalize your mavment.com order using the payment details saved on your Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iMac, all without any extra charges. Rest assured, the card details added to Apple Wallet aren't saved on your device or Apple's servers, ensuring they remain confidential and aren't accessible to mavment.com's team.

7. Gift Cards
mavment.com offers the option of using gift cards, available for purchase in our shop, as a flexible payment method. Once purchased, these cards can either be used for your orders or presented as gifts. When using a gift card, if your order's total is less than the card's value, the order amount will be deducted, leaving the remaining balance for future purchases. If the order exceeds the gift card's value, you can cover the difference using other payment methods, except for delayed payment options. Please note, our gift cards have a validity of one year from the purchase date. We'd also like to emphasize that we cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen, damaged, or unauthorized use of these gift cards