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Mavment history timeline


Porschefarm project starts


From an hobby to business! Founded PorscheFarm Company


Our eCommerce journey begins with over 700 orders already handled!


Our company do its first presence at the Milan Auto Classica Fair
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The first steps towards the realization of Mavment: The Company Naming Changes and Rebranding take place


Our Fair Experience continues: We participate in the Vintage Cars and Motorcycles of Padua, this time for the first time with the Brand Mavment
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During 2019 we reach a total of 2400 orders managed!


The Mavment Site is updated by implementing new features and receiving a complete restyling!


  • Multi language shop
  • • Open to Europe
  • 9 people in the Mavment Team (employee and consulers)
  • • The Mavment "Exclusive Club" is born


2022 goals:
  • • Go to "Auto e Moto D'Epoca" event in Padova
  • • Start of "Mavment Approved" project
  • • First pick up and meet up point
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Mavment, the story of a genuine passion

One day, back in 2010, the founder of Mavment had an idea, with his strong passion for cars and everything that has an engine, he decided to restore a 1968 short wheelbase Porsche 911. That’s how the long journey began, a well-known journey to all the enthusiasts of the restoration of classic cars: the research for spare parts necessary for the project. A research that, not coincidentally, ended in Germany. Here the future founder of the company, Maurizio, met a supplier of Porsche spare parts. The supplier didn’t have a partner in Italy and saw an opportunity to start a business in the Peninsula. That’s how the long path to create Mavment began, what started as a hobby became what it is today, led by the heir of that passion, Gianmarco, grandchild of the founder.

Ten years, thousands of orders, hundreds of satisfied customers

After ten years (and thousands of orders) from that meeting, what started in a garage became a true working activity. An organisation made up of people, of warehouses that offer a catalogue of over 46.000 products. Many products are official or taken directly from the Porsche supply chain, and they allow us to satisfy hundreds of customers worldwide every year. The initial passion for cars put in the restoration project of the 911, however, stayed the same. The same happened to team, that in the meantime became wider welcoming new employees, selected based on their passion for cars and, particularly, for the cars of the Stuttgart company. Sure enough, at the basis of the project remains an awareness acquired on the field in a decade of business: Porsche owners are demanding and attentive to detail. They are able to appreciate the expertise in the field of Porsche cars. For this reason, the Mavment team is constantly committed in the selection of the best products, working hard to always guarantee the highest quality standards of their supplies. Thanks to this awareness, today Mavment has become a reference in the field of restoration of classic and modern Porsche cars.

The next 10 years of Mavment

A business like Mavement’s, however, is constantly evolving. That’s why, year after year, the company enriches its offer with news. In the coming years, the company has already in the pipeline several activities, such as entering the foreign markets, which will allow us to expand our potential customers, also for restoration projects with dedicated assistance from the first to the last intervention.

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